Kansas City’s unpredictable weather can be severe with its ice storms, snow storms,  heavy rains and wind, hail and freezing temperatures.  We all breathe a sigh of relief when we look up at our roof and see if everything is still in place though, sometimes things may not all be as good as they appear. Raised shingles can settle back down after the wind stops, broken seals may be fine this time around but should probably be taken care of before the next storm.

Though your roof comes in many pieces it is interwoven to become one, as components of this unit become compromised or weaker it can give away the catastrophic damage. Repairing minor damage in securing lifted or released shingles, securing the gutters were fascia can strengthen your roof for the next severe weather.
Storm Damage
When the roof or structure has sustained considerable damage, the best thing you can do is call your insurance and get a professional to inspect the damage and try to minimize any further damage right away.  Diversified Construction and Roofing can assess the damage and implement temporary measures to minimize further damage to both the structural integrity of your property as well as anything kept inside the home or business.
Severe Weather Preparedness
Because of the severe weather elements the Kansas City region is known for, we should always have our properties maintenance up to date to sustain the severe winter elements. Freezing water can create the most damage over time and cracks in our concrete walks, walls and driveways to inadequate drainage around foundations. Over time the freeze and thaw in these areas will cause costly damage. Through Diversified Constructions experienced, virtually in every case the damage repair costs could have been greatly reduce or even eliminated with minor maintenance. It is our recommendation at the first signs of cracks or movement is to have it inspected, we have many products and techniques today that can add decades to the life of the concrete components in your property with the expense of  removed and replace.
New Repairs & Renovations

We always want to keep in mind as we repair and renovate that we take the time to implement new techniques and products to weatherize structures. With decades of experience in this region Diversified Construction keeps the severe Midwest weather in mind. Before and during renovations and repairs we keep our customers apprised of possible low-cost improvements that could be added during the time of construction to minimize their energy use and decrease the chances of freezing winter damage to the structures.

Seasonal Inspections

There is much you can do to prepare or avoid damage during a storm, number one is to keep your property maintenance up-to-date with seasonal inspections. Diversified recommends this in early spring when the weather is favorable for repairs and any unknown damage from the winter can be assessed and repaired, and in early fall for winter preparedness.

We at Diversified Construction and Roofing want to thank our customers for the opportunity to help maintain your residence commercial and multifamily buildings. Our goal is to provide a service that our customers value because our service is protecting and maintaining what they value.