Build Restoration


This 1927 complete building restoration with many complex issues was restored and re-purposed into KJ’s Pizzeria in De Soto Kansas. The roof had collapsed along with part of the interior main level floor into the lower level and the rear wall of the building had lost all structural integrity.

Diversified construction started by removing the debris and redesigned the inverted center valley roof that had collapsed and designed the interior for the new pizzeria.
We removed and replaced the rear wall of the building, rebuilt the collapsed floor rear building access with exterior stairway to the ground level. Utilities plumbing and electrical services were all upgraded to accommodate new business new heating and cooling system. A complete commercial kitchen bar and counter was installed to accommodate the pizzeria along with bathroom facilities and dining area. The main street entry elevation and facade was redesigned to meets new elevation requirements on the main street access and to comply wheelchair access regulations while creating a new look and outdoor seating.

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This was a great opportunity for Diversified construction to work with the property owner and tenant to re-purpose this 1927 Main St. storefront.  We highly recommend KJ’s Pizzeria for the best pizza in town.

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