Inside renovation


From call center to Kansas City auto Museum to house more than 30 cars in its collection. Diversified took the challenge in our early years to convert an office center into an automobile showroom that required opening up the space by removing supporting interior walls to showcase the car collection.

Our first challenge was to maintain the structural integrity of the floor above that supported a Kansas City law firm and its day-to-day business. Incorporating steel beams and columns with new supportive footings we were able to open up the 10,000 square feet to display the automobile collection and create a space for the Kansas City Auto Museum. The concrete floor was resurfaced with the skim stone treatment to give the space and elegant look and feel while covering the concrete work that was required. New display areas offices and bathroom facilities along with the renovation of 4000 square feet office space in the upper-level.

  • Open Floor Design
  • Renovated in Use
  • Design Build

Diversified goal was to keep the Kansas City auto Museum project within their limited budget that nonprofit organizations require while creating a space that would exceed expectations for the museum. Diversified construction is proud to be a part of its history visit the Kansas City auto Museum today.

  • Olathe, Kansas
  • Rudd Company Skimstone
  • Tenant Improvement