As someone who has experience in owning a large facility more than 40,000 ft.² I would say that the bigger the facility the bigger the “ROI” Return on investment will be with a preventative maintenance program. When I say experience I mean experience in winning and losing the preventative maintenance game, the larger the facility the larger the expense, downtime, cost and consequences from neglecting what could’ve been some of the smallest repairs.

What Is Preventative Building Maintenance?

If you are selling a preventative maintenance service it could mean a lot of busy work that may or may not be needed. However as a facility owner preventative building maintenance means minor repairs on known and discovered issues to keep them from getting worse. Buildings are unique in that they don’t necessarily come with a manual along with regular scheduled maintenance as does its installed equipment such as heating and cooling, elevators, mechanical doors and other mechanical systems.

Seasonal inspections can make a dramatic improvement in your preventative maintenance program.

At Diversified Construction we believe that timely inspections in Spring and Fall or after severe whether is the right mix to catch required maintenance needs along with storm damage that can extend the lifespan of your facility and its improvements. Through our years of experience countless times we have heard the words “wow, I wish we would’ve caught this sooner” reviewing your facility and making minor repairs will save you time and money by preventing emergency calls and extending the life span of your buildings components.
Dude Solutions a cloud-based operations management software designed to help track assets and facility management has the data on this. By implementing regular schedule preventative maintenance and inspections.
  • Reduced the rate of emergency work 50-65%

  • Reduced the average work order by 28.6-39.3%

  • Reduced corrective repairs by 16%

  • Reduced emergency repairs by 65.5%

One way to look at this is to compare the cost of emergency or corrective work versus preventative maintenance work. Emergency work is costly because it requires overtime for the expedited service along with corrective repairs that can require extended downtime when a minimal repair like calking or patch and some screws would have been sufficient.
Roof Repairs
The integrity of your building depends on your roof most likely more than anything. Not visually checking the condition of your roof along with its drainage systems regularly always leads to roof failure. Pooled Water from clogged drains will take the path of least resistance and will find cracks freezing temperatures will open these up with freeze and thaw. Yearly inspections and repairs should take place between early spring and fall to take advantage of favorable weather conditions.
Structural Issues
Taking  care of your roof and drainage system can significantly decrease structural issues that arise, visually inspecting the building checking for significant changes due to natural or man-made occurrences that can compromise the structural integrity. Structural issues that go undetected for extended periods of time can exacerbate and increase the cost of repairs to the owner. Again early detection is the key and will be a big difference between a repair and corrective project being required.
Facility Access
Damaged concrete driveways, sidewalks, stairs and access ramps to your building can lead to damaged vehicles, equipment and human injuries. Though we would like to think concrete last forever depending on the environmental elements it is exposed to the lifespan of these assets  can greatly be reduced without preventative maintenance. However, the smallest of issues caught early can greatly increase its lifespan and appearance. Drainage issues and untreated cracks in your concrete work will be costly to be removed and replaced. Simple yearly inspections and inexpensive repairs can extend the life of these assets in some cases decades.
If we can help you with your seasonal inspection and repairs give us a call today!